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Your source on the Australian actress Margot Robbie. You probably know Margot for her launching role in Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street, and most recently seen in Birds of Prey (Harley Quinn) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sharon Tate). Her upcoming projects include Barbie - based on the Barbie toys where her character sets off on an adventure in the real world. She will also star again as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad.

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Did You Know?
“Maggot” is an affectionate term for Margot Robbie as the nickname that was given to her by family, the star is one of four children. The name grew on her throughout school when her classmates got in on the joke too.
To prepare for her sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, she took three shots of tequila – at nine in the morning!
Not many stars can say they made it big in Hollywood by hitting Leonardo DiCaprio, but then nobody else is a brave as Margot Robbie. When the day came to audition for the part in Wolf of Wall Street (2013) she was undoubtedly nervous, which probably caused her to lash out. She knew she had to think of a move that would really stand out to really impress both the director and her future co-star. With her senses heightened as the pair were acting out an intense moment where the couple have a fight – she walked over to Di Caprio and swiped him straight across the face. She said of the moment; I’m thinking, “You just hit Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. They’re going to arrest you because that’s assault. You’re definitely never going to work again, that’s for sure. They’ll probably sue you as well in case there’s a bruise on his face and he needs to film something else.” And then all of a sudden Marty and Leo just burst out laughing. Marty says, “That was great!” Leo’s like, “Hit me again!”
She is a proud member of Greenpeace.
She’s a tomboy. “I’m happiest when I’m surfing or out on the farm hunting wild pigs, building cubbies out in the paddocks or riding around on motorbikes,” she said in a 2008 interview on the Neighbours website.
Margot used to work at Subway. Before she made her acting debut, she was a pro at building the perfect hoagie and her job title was that of “Sandwich Artist.”
She’s been trying to get into the superhero game for a while. Before being confirmed as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she also auditioned for the role of Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot.
She won the lead of I.C.U. (on of her first acting jobs) without even an agent at the time, impressing the director with her performance.

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